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Welcome to Barking Barney's!

If you worry about leaving your furry friend at home alone while you are at work, out at the mall, at a movie or out on a date.

Barking Barney’s Doggie Daycare is the solution!!

We will be your furry friend’s home away from home, providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for your pet.

We provide a relaxing  and calm environment that your furry friend will enjoy and love coming back to.


Grooming Services Available!

Contact us to schedule an appointment and for more details 


Full Service Groom-Starting at $60


Wash & Shampoo                 Blow Dry

Brushing                                  Cut & Style

Nail Trim and Filing              Ear Cleaning

Scented Spritz


***Prices vary based on size, coat and breed

***Additional Grooming Packages Available


Other Grooming Services

Teeth Cleaning- $10                                Nail Trim and Buffing- $18

Paw Balm Treatment- $6                      Extra Brushing- $13

De-Shedding Treatment- $15              Gland Expression- $10

Blueberry Facial- $10


 Daycare Service

• Half Day (Up to 5 hours)    $23

• Full Day (Over 5 hours) $33

• Multi-Pet Discounts

• 10 and 20 Day Packages Available

• FREE 1 hour assessment 


While it is our policy to accept all dogs, Barking Barney’s Doggie Daycare reserves the right to not accept pets that may require special attention and services that are beyond the capabilities of our facility. The safety and health of all our “furry friends” is our main concern.  If you have a dog that is considered a high-risk breed or has behavioral issues, please contact us for additional details.

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